zaterdag 5 februari 2011


Flat shoes by Philippe Pasteur (Fylou), France

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: the wooden floor of our Petit Théâtre du Béton Brut


Shoes made entirely of linen and other natural fabrics and materials. Male version of them, designed and made by TheGeneration, Canada.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: Petit Théâtre du Béton Brut, Maastricht


Knee-long wrap skirt for men by Sophie Laronde, France.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Locations: Petit Théâtre du Béton Brut and AINSI, Maastricht


Wide balloon skirt by AnnySchoo. The skirt is double-layered with wide pockets in between the layers. Winter sweater in handmade knitwork by Maria van Stratum, from Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: Ainsi, Maastricht


Black cotton sarouel pants designed and made by lesBabafeurs, Bretagne, France. Decoration in grey coloured cotton, including two pockets containing two handkerchiefs in the same style and grey fabric.
Shoes designed and made by Fylou, France.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: AINSI, Maastricht


Skirt (one of a kind) designed and made by theSimpson, China. The wide shirt shows the strong style of Katia Scoazec (Katiwacréas) from Bretagne, France.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: Petit théâtre du Béton Brut, Maastricht