dinsdag 19 januari 2010


Shirt in black and olive green cotton. Designed and made by Katia Scoazec, Bretagne, France. Extreme wide linen pants in the shape of a skirt, designed and made by myself a few years ago. The black parts were a later addition by Neeltje Calli, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Haut en coton noir et vert. Une création excellente de Katia Scoazec, Bretagne, France. Ici visible avec une jupe-pantalon extrèmement large (et lourde), crée par moi. Les bandes noirs sont ajoutés par Neeltje Calli, Maastricht, PaysBas.

Photography / Photos: Gonnie Meijer
Location / Lieu: Forêt de Saint Hubert, Belgium / Belgique

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Jocelyn Paine zei

Paul: I like your blog, as you know. You say: "the custom of lots of western men to wear ties around their neck. An extremely weird habit if you think further about it." So you might enjoy the following definition of suit, from The Jargon File, a dictionary of computer programmers' attitudes. Notice the other definitions this one links to:

A suit is:

1. Ugly and uncomfortable "business clothing" often worn by non-hackers. Invariably worn with a "tie", a strangulation device that partially cuts off the blood supply to the brain. It is thought that this explains much about the behavior of suit-wearers. Compare 'droid'.

2. A person who habitually wears suits, as distinct from a techie or hacker. See 'pointy-haired', 'burble', 'management', 'Stupids', 'SNAFU principle', 'PHB', and 'brain-damaged'.

Jocelyn Paine zei

Actually, I am reminded also of an experience with shorts, spreadsheets, and sarouels. In July 2002, I went to a conference about spreadsheets in Cardiff. Now, the first modern spreadsheet was created in 1979. Since then, technology has made spreadsheets look much nicer, but it is still hard to build reliable software with them. That's what our conference was about.

So to emphasise how bad spreadsheets still are, I found a retro clothing shop, bought a pair of extremely flared 1970s bellbottoms, and with marker pens and fluorescent yellow card given me by the shop's owner, made a lapel badge reading "Spreadsheets have not evolved since flares were ⁁(last) in fashion".

Ever since then, certain conference members have regarded my dress sense with apprehension. In 2008, it was hot, so I wore shorts. With the result that before the 2009 conference, one member asked me not to do so again; and another member actually brought a pair of emergency black trousers to give me before my talk, in case I had. "We want businessmen as well as academics", I was told, "and must show a professional image".

Which was a shame, because I was in Paris, it was the week northern Europe had a heatwave, and trousers were itchy and sticky. Besides, when it's 31 degrees in an un-air-conditioned lecture theatre, wouldn't you prefer someone lightly clad in short cotton to be sitting beside you, rather than a besuited professional oozing sweat from every wool-covered armpit and tie-constricted neck?

After the conference, I went for a walk in Paris. I happened to see someone wearing a sarouel; asked him about it; and found one for myself in Rue Caplat in the Arab district behind Paris's Gare du Nord. Shop number 5, I think. The sarouel looked very comfortable, and was. Since then, I've bought more sarouels from Omar Serroukh at the Moroccan shop Fez at 71 Golborne Road, London, and have been wearing them instead of normal trousers. But I cannot help thinking that if I wore a sarouel to the conference, I would be even less popular than if I wore shorts. Even if I also wore a tie.

Jocelyn Paine zei

And finally therefore — relating my previous comments to the topic of "Vijftig" — your linen trousers look even more comfortable to wear in an overheated lecture theatre than do sarouels. They're elegant, too. But imagine what would be the reaction of the conference members I mentioned! Our women delegates, of course, had no such problems. Why, they were even permitted to wear shorts.

John Giskes zei

Hallo Paul,
Fijn dat je jezelf durft te presenteren in die aparte kleding van je. Ik waardeer het zeer en heb een aantal dingen gezien die mij erg bevallen. Als je wil kan je ook mijn kledingblog bekijken: http://jogi-skins.blogspot.com

Vriendelijke groet,

John Giskes zei

Hoi Paul,

Nogmaals, John :-) Mijn kledingsite gaat over theaterkleding en hier en daar kleding bedoeld voor de openbare ruimte.




Paul Tieman zei

Thanks for your contribution! About the story of Jocelyn Paine: I must say that I never faced any bad experience, but the lucky thing is that I'm a professional artist, and because of that, nearly everything is accepted.

Jocelyn Paine zei

Prachtig, John, de zouavebroek. Hij lijkt op de tweede foto in Η ΠΑΡΑΔΟΣΙΑΚΗ ΑΝΔΡΙΚΗ ΕΝΔΥΜΑΣΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΛΙΒΑΝΟΥ-THE TRADITIONAL MEN'S COSTUME OF LEBANON-البدله التقليديه للرجال في لبنان, het traditionele herenkostuum van Libanon. Ik weet sommige mannen, eigenaren van een Libanees restaurant in Oxford, en ook een vriend van mij uit Armenië, die houden veel van deze stijl. Ik ook, vind ik...

roeben zei

ziet er goed uit!
de vorm en kleuren passen goed by elkaar.. het oogt sober en eenvoudig..
hopelyk draag je dit ook in je vrye tyd en niet alleen in te poseren voor de foto..

Paul Tieman zei

Grappig, er zijn heel wat mensen die denken dat het alleen voor de foto is. Maar ik draag de meeste kleding die je op Saaibestrijding ziet dagelijks. Ik denk er vaak niet eens bij na dat ik er wat anders uitzie dan anderen. Omdat ik een professioneel kunstenaar/ontwerper ben is dat voor mij ook helemaal geen probleem.

roeben zei

mooi dat je dit soort kleding regelmatig draagt.. hoewel er opzich veel diversiteit is in de hedendaagse kleding dat op straat te zien is, is het toch overwegend afstotend om te zien (naar myn smaak).. de gepresenteerde kleding op deze site doorbreken die afstotendheid.. orthodoxe moslims doen dat ook maar helaas zyn er wetten in de maak om byvoorbeeld de niqaab te gaan verbieden..

Anoniem zei

Roeben, veel hedendaagse stijlen zijn ook niet naar mijn smaak. In tegenstelling tot Paul, kan ik niet naaien. Maar ik ben blij dat ik de marokkaanse stijlen ontdekt heb: sarouels en overhemden. Heel comfortabel, en de overhemden zien er opvallend uit, bijv. hier en hier. Jammer dat dit blog afbeeldingen in reacties verbiedt.