donderdag 19 november 2009


High waisted sarouel pants. A textile artwork by Vaisto, Finland. Hanni about her and Koshka's work: We work as a team, but mainly Koshka is responsible for design & production, and I'm doing selling, marketing and generally run the business. Of course we love to hit our creative heads together and see the multicolors sparks fly out, often Koshka makes the original sketches, and then we together decide the colors, materials and details. For this project it was very inspiring to see the blog, study this very unique style and beautiful sense of aesthetic, and try to think how to make it work together with ours. We were truly pleased with the result, it was very exciting to give imagination big wide wings, and create something out of our usual range.

Photography: Gonnie Meijer
Location: St-Georges-des-7-voies, Maine-et-Loire, France

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