dinsdag 24 februari 2009


Extremely wide and short balloon skirt with giant decorative bow. An amazing work by AnnySchoo (US), inspired by examples of formal European male clothing dating back to the 16th and 17th century.

AnnySchoo about her work: The hardest part of making this skirt was calculating the pleats. They could only be hand sewn to stitch such thickness of pleated fabric with stiff belt on. The huge bow gives the skirt a very extraordinary look.

Shoes: see Dertien
Wide shirt: see Negentien

Photographer: Gonnie Meijer
Location: near the village of Lixhe, Belgium

2 opmerkingen:

Marie zei

I like this outfit version with the red stripes better than the yellow (probably because yellow just isn't my color :)) It's fantastic that you should wear this.

Paul Tieman zei

Thanks! Although I do like the ocre much I agree with you that the red/black striped tights look better. This outfit is the most extra-ordinary one in the whole Saaibestrijding project. It is also the most experimental and not really easy to wear because of the heavy bow. I can only use it on special occasions.