maandag 22 september 2008


Triangular shirt of rough linen above knee long skirt/pants, both designed and made by myself.
Photographer: Marlieke Meyer (first 2 photos); Gonnie Meijer (the other 2)
Location: Near Eben-Emael, Belgium

2 opmerkingen:

Marie zei

this is excellent.
the whole concept is excellent.

Anoniem zei

I very much like the shape of the shirt, on its own or with the trousers. But as well as looks, there's another reason that I would like one. We are having hot weather. After three dreadful summers, this is wonderful. But all the tops I can find - shirts and T-shirts - get sweaty at the armpits, because the fabric is so close to the body. I want something that is baggy at the armpits in the same way that sarouels are at the thighs. Your shirt here, or the wide-sleeve one in zeven-en-dertig, would do very well.